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23% of the earth's population has an Active Facebook Account (1.79 billion as of Sept, 2016)
This Church had never done a Facebook ads campaign prior to their Christmas 2016 promotion. Reachout Marketing got some great stats for them, but the most exciting part of the campaign was the attendance doubling as a result of the effort! Additionally the week prior to the program the church had 200 NEW visitors that can at least partially be attributed to the ads campaign!


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How much does it cost?
You pay for your FB adspend + RO fees. Service fees depend on the size and magnitude of the campaign/promotion. Contact us for specifics.


Frequently Asked Questions






Do I have to have a website?
Yes, if you do not have a website, we cannot help you run ads.
Do we have to have an active Facebook account to make this work?
Yes and no. You must have a Facebook account and a page for your church and it certainly helps if the page is active. We have seen the best results from churches that are actively posting on Facebook and have some good engagement already. If you don't have those things, utilizing a targeted ad campaigns can be the best way to get started building your online presence!
Who are Richy and Andrew?
Andrew Riis
Partner - Reachout Marketing
Andrew started in the financial services industry right out of college and has grown each business he has been a part of.  Most recently Andew was an integral member of a team that took a startup financial marketing firm to almost $75,000,000 of business in just 4 years.
Richy Hirtle
Partner - Reachout Marketing
Richy has always had a desire to work towards a higher purpose.  It is because of that that he joined the United States Air Force shortly after high school.  After almost a decade of service, Richy immersed himself in the world of online marketing. He quickly rose to  the top of the table as one of the best marketers in the financial services industry.
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70% of users check Facebook at least once per day.
Users spend more than 50 MINUTES per day across Facebook and its family of applications.
People share 1.3 million pieces of content on Facebook every minute of every day.
What's Different About Facebook AKA "The Reach Vehicle"?
Michelle B.
Facebook Advertising Manager

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Richy and Andrew on a complex Facebook advertising campaign. They are exceptionally knowledgeable about Facebook advertising and incredibily thorough in how they execute a campaign. They are clearly professional, work with integrity and lead with client satisfaction as their main priority. You are in good hands with Richy and Andrew. I highly reccomend them!" 

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Traditional Church Marketing...
1. Printed Flyers
2. Mass Mailing
3. Radio Ads
4. Website Content
Expensive, time consuming, geographic targeting only
More expensive, diffucult to track, limited targeting
Most expensive, limited audience of new potential members
No Targeting, limited audience
LASER TARGETED - geographically, age, gender, interests, behaviors, and about 300 additional data points to choose from.
Increased ENGAGEMENT - get your message in front of the people who need to see it.
Far less expensive than most traditional marketing
Improves ROI on other marketing efforts - the tide that floats all boats
Trackable results - know all KPI's of your investment without question

How to Work With Us

Reachout Marketing was founded by Richy Hirtle and Andrew Riis out of a need for purposeful, strategic, ROI focused church marketing. Combined we have over 20 years of experience in leadership, sales, and marketing (specifically using Facebook for event promotion and lead generation).  Prior to starting Reachout, we were known for obtaining the highest ROI in the financial planning industry.  Together we’ve built several hundred companies into multi-million dollar competitors and even took one from startup to over $75 million in just over four years of work.  
So began Reachout Marketing - a company born from 3000%+ ROI strategic Facebook marketing experience, geared towards helping you learn how to utilize the power of Facebook lead generation to grow the church by extending the reach of your marketing efforts. Our proprietary process is called "The Reach Vehicle" and its making a huge impact for churches and for the Kingdom.

About Reachout Marketing

Yet…it wasn’t enough.  
These methods are NOT dead, but standalone in a digital age, they are losing effectiveness...
"WOW! I know you know this but this is better than I could ever have hoped for! I am shell shocked! Your help with Facebook ads saved me from having to cancel my events!"
Mark T.
"Andrew and Richy were great to work with, they came in under budget, and doubled the attendance we had last year!"
First Baptish Hot Springs
"I am amazed at how quickly this turned things around! Richy and Andrew's strategies did more in 13 days than I have been able to do in the last 13 months.""
Myles O.

Reach Up.

Reach In.

Reach Out.

"These guys helped my company realize a 3,000% ROI through their FB genius.  We will be doing business together for a very long time."
John B.

The Christmas Quilt

  • 25,131 People Reached
  • $0.15 Cost Per Click
  • 588 Reactions
  • 79 NEW Page Followers
  • Doubled Attendance
First Baptish Hot Springs

Lighting the Tree

  • 36,929 People Reached
  • $0.34 Cost Per Click
  • 115 Reactions
  • 68Shares
  • 48 NEW Page Followers
  • Attendance 275 from 150
First Baptish Hot Springs
  • 3,754People Reached
  • $0.08 Cost Per Click
  • 512 Reactions
  • 16 NEW Page Followers
  • $53.33 spent
"They are doing some powerful stuff and have seen big attendance jumps at the churches they are working with. Really cool stuff. If you have a need for consulting on Facebook ads for any business I would recommend them, especially if you need help with promoting your ministry!"
"Andrew and Richy far exceeded our expectations with their expertise and ability to get great results with Facebook! They were dedicated to getting great results. We WILL be using them again soon!
Josh V.



Fully Managed Facebook Advertising Service
Beyond simple campaign design and management, we fully immerse ourselves into the art of creating compelling advertising for your church that results in strategic and purposefull impact.  This is fully, done-for-you Facebook marketing for your church.
Private 1 on 1 Coaching Calls
*Single or monthly campaign options
Already running Facebook ads for your church and have seen "some" success but want to know how to get more?  Need to get your Facebook Pixel properly installed?  Want to retarget visitors to your website with specific ads? This private consultation call is designed to answer your questions and leave you with an easy to follow implimentation plan.



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Stats are great and fun to look at, but when the rubber meets the road, the #1 metric we all need to consider is ROI. How much did you spend to get 1 new vistor? In this church's situation that figure was less than $1/person!

Where 'The Rubber Meets The Road" - A Case Study

"I can't say enough good about Andrew Riis and Richy Hirtle, and we are already talking about working with them again for Easter. Knowing our social media promotion was in good hands freed me to handle my other responsibilities... Their ad campaign literally doubled our Christmas program attendance from 1,000 to over 2,000 people!"
Katy W.
Church Communications Director



Reachout Marketing

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